Review System

     Our review system will be a little different than review systems on other gaming websites.  Our reviews will not feature overall scores.  All of our reviews will follow our own creative structure.  For example, if we reviewed Super Mario Bros. 3, the review "score" might read something like "Outstanding Action Platformer."  The review score will always reflect how we feel about the game, as a whole.  After the review "score" there will be 6 major questions that we will answer:

Who would we recommend this to?

Who wouldn't we recommend this to?

Would we replay it?

Would we download its soundtrack?

Have we thought about it since we played it?

What is one word we can use to summarize the experience?

     So, there you have it.  Love it or leave it, we believe games are too subjective to apply a score to.  Hopefully you like it.  If not, email with your suggestions.